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Tents 101: Your Guide to Renting a Tent for a Wedding or Party [Tent Types Included 🎪]

Tents 101: Your Guide to Renting a Tent for a Wedding or Party [Tent Types Included 🎪]

Any event planner knows that outdoor events need extra preparation, and renting the best tent is vital. So how do you do it, then? How do you ensure that your gathering enjoys the day under the perfect cover?

To rent a tent for a wedding or party, know why they’re essential. Then, understand the different types of tents and the size you need. Finally, get the necessary items to add on and partner with the excellent tent company.

This article will help you plan, so stick around till the end. You’ll get answers to some more specific questions, which should help put the icing on your event’s cake.


Why Should You Get a Tent?

Nature can be unforgiving, especially on the day of the event. For example, imagine you have no tent, and it suddenly begins to rain. Or worse, a heatwave strikes, and your guests can’t reach under any shade. Not a good party, right?

So, a tent is your contingency for crazy weather. And since it is a massive part of the plan, you need to get one in good time. Since tents come in various shapes and sizes, let’s see how different they can be.


The Different Types of Tents to Rent [Five of the Best]

Knowing tent types helps you and the rental company to make the best choice, so here are five of the most popular ones:

  • Canopy tents are easy to set up and dismantle. Also, they allow guests accessible spots to catch shade if the sun shines or the rain pours. They serve barbecues well, but they can also help host beach parties and park trips. The only catch is that they only cover the attendees and other items like the sound system.
  • Clearspan tents are what you need for a big party. They give room for your attendees and several entertainment areas. Others even come with flooring and sidewalls that open and close swiftly. The best part? They don’t come with poles at the center, so the space under the tent is entirely yours.
  • Pole tents are like clear spans tents, except they have poles visibly at the center, and their peaks are higher. They’re a little harder to set up, but they give a lot of overhead space, and you can add sidewalls.
  • Sailcloth tents are made of sailcloth and not fabric like the others. Because of their thinness, they allow light to penetrate and shine on your event. But, more importantly, they offer protection against many weather types, and you can bet that water will not penetrate.
  • Clear tents open you up to the skylight and nighttime glow. Therefore, go for them if you wish to enjoy a green backdrop. At night, clear tents will give you an excellent view of the moon, so they’re perfect for an evening after-party.


How to Go About Renting a Wedding or Party Tent

Now that you know the top five types, it’s time to check some boxes and rent the best tent for your party or wedding. Both sections will help reach out to the best company after you get the total area the tent will cover.

  1. Estimating the Size of Your Tent

Before you price out any tent rentals, get the size you need. Many companies usually offer 10 by 10 feet models with 10 feet increments, but they can adjust to your ideal sizing. But before you pick out any figures, you need first to know:

  • The number of guests. Your invite list should have the number of people coming, which should help you get the number of tables to hire.
  • The number of tables. If 150 people are coming, and 10 people will share a table of 10 by 10 feet, you’ll need 15 tables. That comes up to 1,500 square feet.
  • The bridal party (if your event is a wedding). Bridal parties sometimes take extra space, and you may need to get multiple tables. However it is, add the area of the tables (say 300 feet) to the guest sitting space. If we stick by our example, we have 1,500 + 300 = 1,800 square feet.
  • The space the buffet will take. Like with the bridal party, the food needs tables. If the buffet takes about 400 square feet, that gets us to 1,800 + 400 which is 2,200 square feet.
  • Add on for the tent. You may need a stage and a dance floor, which could take up to 250 square feet. Our final total is 2,200 + 250, getting us to 2,450 square feet.

So far, you have the tent size, and now, you need to get a good company with a tent square footage that will fit your event.


  1. Finding the Excellent Tent Company

If you ask Google for tent rental companies near you, it will be very generous with its results. Read the review section and see what other previous clients say, and if there’s a website, visit and check the rental sizes provided. For our 2,450 square foot example, anything between 40 by 60 and 60 by 60 feet would suffice.

At this point, the company will provide you with their sizes, shapes, and options, and you can use the information you already picked out from this article. For example, you can ask for a 40 by 60 clear span tent with sidewalls.

Be sure to provide the details of your wedding or party and ask questions if need be. If you let them do all the talking, they may unnecessarily overcharge you or add more items to the cart.

Now, onto answers to some important questions:

People Also Ask

What Size Tent Do I Need for 100 Guests?

For your centurions, you’ll need a 20 by 50 (1000 sq. feet) tent. But, if you intend to have a bar and buffet, go for one with 30 by 40, or 1200 sq. feet.

How Big of a Tent Do I Need for 75 Guests?

If it’s a standing cocktail party or a seated dinner, anything between 400 and 600 square feet is good.

What Size Tent Do I Need for 25 Guests?

Since 25 is a small guest count, getting a 200 square feet tent is right.

How Many Tables Can You Fit Under a 20X20 Tent?

For a 400 square feet tent, you can only fit a max of 6 banquet tables.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Big Tent?

Expect to spend between $500 and $1500 per day for a tent that spans 1200 square feet. That doesn’t include the setup fee, which could be $1000.


If you’re looking for any tent accessories, check out outdoor Camping LLC.



There you have it! You know what type of tent you can get and how to do the sizing. You’re ready to walk into a tent-rental company and strike a deal. Tell them what you need, and give them all the relevant details. All the best planning 😉.