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Different Types of Party Tent Fabrics: What are Tents Made of?

Different Types of Party Tent Fabrics: What are Tents Made of?

Choosing the proper material for your business tents may not be apparent until you are out of options. Many tent materials are much tougher and more durable than tent fabrics used for traditional camping. However, every tent material has its own properties that determine its suitability for specific applications.

When planning an outdoor event or researching tents and suppliers, it may be beneficial to possess a basic understanding of the different materials available for tents and other outdoor events equipment. Ideally, different tent materials are used for various situations. They serve different functions and various purposes, allowing you to find the tent material that is best suited to your needs.

To help you choose the best tent fabric, different types of party tent fabrics are highlighted below.


  1. Nylon

Tents made of nylon are lightweight and often do not weigh much, and are often used for camping. Even though nylon is prone to rips due to debris and wind, hiking tents are still small enough to maintain strength despite nylon being prone to tears. There is sufficient elasticity in nylon to enable the tent panel to distribute stress evenly, reducing the possibility of it rupturing under tension. 

The nylon tent may look good and be durable, but since the nylon lacks strength and durability, it does not make sense to use it for large commercial tents.


  1. Polyester

A few qualities set polyester apart from every other tent fabric on the market today, including its longevity characteristic and its greater resistance to ripping than nylon, another popular material. Besides being more lightweight than cotton, the other advantages of using this tent fabric are that it is less prone to stretch in the wind and less prone to fade when exposed to the sun. 

Polyester is a material whose durability at the prevailing standards can be classified as "average." Despite its reputation as a reliable and robust material, factors such as waterproofing must be considered to make it a more realistic option for an outdoor event.


  1. Ripstop PVC

Ripstop PVC is one of the well-known types of party tent fabrics, which provides a special party tent quality.

It has a cross-hatch weave with a PVC coating on the fabric's outer surface, making it one of the hardest fabrics on the market. Since it is a durable option that you can use frequently, this is an excellent tent fabric if you plan to use your tent frequently, and wear and tear aren't an issue. Don't forget that this type of tent material will be more costly than other fabric alternatives available on the market.


  1. Coated Vinyl

There is perhaps no other tent material on the market today that is more widely used than vinyl. Dip molding is a process used to make coated vinyl, which is corrosion-resistant and has improved functionality and stability because of the protective coating deposited over the vinyl. Most commonly, vinyl is coated with either PVC or PE, depending on its purpose. 

The most significant advantage of tents made from this fabric is that it is the most water-resistance option. This quality is best suited for situations where there is a need to withstand bad weather for an extended period. In some cases, coated vinyl may be a more cost-effective alternative to uncoated vinyl in cases where your tent will be exposed to the elements for an extended period.


  1. Laminated Vinyl

Laminated vinyl is, in fact, vinyl that a protective layer of laminate has covered to prevent it from damage. The scrim is a thin layer of material sandwiched between layers of a transparent PVC film that is adhered to by applying heat and pressure on top of the lamination machine. In addition to the increased weight of the material with this lamination process, it is also more resistant to UV degradation and abrasion resistance and is glossier. 

The benefits of this material include fire retardant and water resistance and lower pricing than coating vinyl. Laminated vinyl is one of the most commonly encountered materials at American Tent because of its exceptional characteristics.


  1. Cotton Canvas

There were massive demands for Cotton Canvas tents in the past, but they have become quite rare these days. There are many advantages to using cotton cloth over synthetic alternatives, including the fact that cotton fabric is less harmful to the environment, more environmentally friendly, and longer-lasting. 

The cotton cloth also acts as an insulator against outside noise and the effects of the weather. To remain dry throughout the temperate seasons, it must go through further preparation, effectively a "coating," as it is not inherently waterproof. Cotton canvas tents are known to be extremely heavy, which is one of their most significant disadvantages.


  1. Coated Cotton

Coated cotton is a kind of cotton that has many characteristics with conventional cotton. A thick and sturdy coating is coated onto the structure, improving both the insulating and waterproofing properties of the surface. It is treated with a protective coating to protect the woven cotton, either during its manufacture or after the final product has been created.

This is a heavy-duty tent fabric despite the coating, so it will be a lot heavier than untreated cotton. Moreover, even though the coating offers weather protection, it is less water repellent than other alternative coatings.


In Conclusion 

When planning an outdoor event, it is crucial to conduct your research to determine the kind of tent fabric that will meet the needs of you and your guests.

When it comes to purchasing a tent for your next event, it's important to remember the different types of tent fabrics described above, as this will go a long way in giving you a successful party.

Since you’ve read about the different types of party tent fabrics, getting the best party tent that will meet up with your requirement will be quite easier. All you need to do is to visit a reliable platform that sells quality party tent fabrics.