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11 Fun and Unique Birthday Party Ideas for People who love camping and the outdoors

11 Fun and Unique Birthday Party Ideas for People who love camping and the outdoors

Are you an avid camper who is about to celebrate a birthday? Perhaps you want to invite friends to celebrate your birthday with you, but you are unsure which birthday party ideas to use?  

There are plenty of birthdays ideas you can use! This blog highlights eleven of them. Use them to make your birthday memorable. But like any other birthday celebration, camping themed party needs some planning. So you need to start with planning your birthday party thoroughly.

Use one of the following camping birthday ideas:

  1. Choose a campground

Choosing a campground is one of the first things you should consider doing. The campground is essential if you are celebrating your child's birthday. Whether you want to host a mega bash party or something low-key, it's always crucial that the campground is perfect.

 A perfect campground to host a birthday party should have the following:

  • It should be flat enough for you to set up tables.
  • The campground should be close to your cars.
  • It should be spacious enough for you to have a good time. 
  • It should be safe, especially for children.
  • The campground should be close to your home, allowing you to bring in more food.

If you will be celebrating your birthday in winter, consider dressing warm. There are winter unisex warm caps and colorful beanies like this one. They will keep you warm and look good in the cold weather. 

  1. Decorate

If you want to use a camp-themed birthday party, that doesn't mean you should consider decorating. Keep in mind that if your birthday party is outdoors, there is an excellent chance that the weather may change. For instance, it may suddenly start to rain when you are in the middle of the celebration.

Consider using decorations that are simple and biodegradable. You don't have to worry about buying a lot of things. For instance, you can hang decor and tie it to a tree branch. Then you can bring folding chairs and tables. As far as color is concerned, always go for bright colors as they look fantastic outdoors. 

 And always keep your decor to a minimum, and have a plan B.

  1. Plan the food and drinks

The next thing you should worry about is food and drinks. Remember, no one expects you to serve restaurant food at a camp birthday party. 

 A BBQ, some burgers, and fiends chicken should do. Or a bucket of KFC and fries. If you have some potato salad, wine, and dessert, that will be nice. You can also consider bringing a big pot for cooking. Of course, your birthday party wouldn't be complete without Whiskey and beer. 

  1. Campfire cake

An outdoor birthday is not a birthday without a birthday cake. In this case, you should consider ordering a campfire cake from your local bakery. The bakery can bake a delectable chocolate Campfire Cake and top it with crackly hard-candy flames. If you know how to bake, you can make it yourself. There are many recipes that you can try out. Create a birthday cocktail for your guests if you want to make your birthday memorable.

  1. Have a makeshift tent

Set up a makeshift tent where you will have all your photo ops and private meetings with immediate family members. A Blue & Green 4-Person tent like this one can be perfect. It has double layers and comes with waterproof Oxford fabric.

  1. Use an old canoe for photos 

Celebrating a birthday requires that you take tons of photos. An old canoe can be a perfect spot to take pictures.

Later on, you can invite one or two guests to canoe with you. Then, use a single paddle like this one. Your goal will be to cross a large river using a paddle. Once you reach the destination point in the shortest possible time, you will win the race.

  1. 7. Outdoor games for birthdays 

One of the best things about having an outdoor birthday is that you can easily incorporate games. Some games you can consider are water sports activities like kayaking, paddleboarding, and other games.

 If the place where you will be camping doesn't have water, consider trying lawn games. One of the lawn games that you should consider is a Scandinavian game called Kubb, or Double Dutch.

Kids also love the 'Find the Gummy Bears' game. You'd need canned whipped cream, gummy bears, and plastic plates for this game. 

Every participant will have a plastic container and pile it high with cream. The first participant to find gummy bears wins.

  1. Have a late-night fire circle

There is nothing quite as relaxing as sitting around a fire and swapping stories. You can bring chairs and a blanket to sit on and have a great time. You can roast marshmallows and enjoy wine.

  1. Fishing 

Who said you shouldn't go fishing on your birthday? To make it enjoyable, you can challenge friends in a fishing game. It is something you can do while waiting for food to be ready.

Some valuable accessories for fishing you should consider include the KVD Heavy Duty 3600 Speedbag. It provides avid anglers with excellent storage and easy access to baits and lures. 

  1. Scavenger Hunt 

A scavenger hunt is another exciting game you should consider playing to celebrate a birthday. Hide several gifts and ask a birthday guy or girl to search for them. 

With a scavenger hunt, everyone will have a reason to walk around to help find gifts.

  1. Get all the right outdoor apparel

If you want to enjoy your birthday party fully, you should have all the outdoor supplies. From backpacks that you will use to pack everything, to sunscreen, and insect repellents.

In closing

Lastly, camping to celebrate a birthday is one of the coolest ways to relax and connect with your friends. And the most important thing? Just ensure that you choose the right camping spot to celebrate your birthday. Whatever you might need you can find it here: and you can use Coupon code: SHOP10-XJVVIT for an extra discount.